Registered and Licenced Marriage Officer

I am a qualified, registered and licenced Marriage Officer with the Department of Home Affairs (BD37785). Having conducted more that 650 weddings over the past 25 years, my passion for people and real love has grown stronger.

My non-judgemental approach has opened many doors to people who don't belong to a church or institution, but still has the desire to celebrate their love
in the presense of family, friends and witnesses.

What can you expect on your wedding day

We will have fun. There will be a lot of laughter, some seriousness and definitely many romantic moments.

The way in which I conduct the ceremony all depends on your taste and preference. I want to help you to make it one of the most memorable days of your lives. It can be formal, semi-formal, informal, themed, but it will always have an undertone of celebration.

You choose the venue, and I am prepared to meet you there on the day and time of your choice. It can be local, national or even international.