Duration of the ceremony?

From the moment that the bride enters, to the signing of the register – 45 minutes

Is there a prescribed set of vows, or can we use our own?

I prefer couples to write their own vows, but the traditional vows are available. The couple can either repeat after me, say it from their heads or hearts, I can read it out loud or they can just say : “I do”.

Can we have special ceremonies conducted?

Yes. By all means.

Do we have to have congregational singing during the ceremony?

We can, but I prefer not to have it, unless we are sure that all the people know the songs.

When do we get the marriage certificate?

If both the parties originate from South Africa, I issue a hand written certificate on the day.
If both the parties are from a foreign country, the local Home Affairs will issue the certificate. It usually takes two to three days.

Do we need a pre nuptial contract?

There are two ways in which it can be done:
In community of property (Without a contract).
Out of community of property (With a contract, drawn up by an attorney).

Can the bride be late?

Tradition allows the bride to arrive late at the ceremony, but it should not exceed 15 minutes after the appointed time. In the event of an emergency, please let me know, so I can keep the guests at peace.

Do we have to book in advance?

Yes. It is of utmost importance that a booking should be made, and the booking will only be secured if the deposit is paid and proof of payment is sent through to me. It is a non- refundable deposit. All changes to bookings should be in writing via sms, whatsapp or e-mail.

Do you have a venue of your own?

No. I do not have a venue. I can conduct the marriage in the privacy of your own home.

How do we know you are licensed with Home Affairs?

I can provide you with a letter of appointment.

What other languages can the ceremony be conducted in?


Do you have to attend the reception?

I only attend the reception on personal invitation, and if time allows it. It is not obligatory.

Do we have to go for marriage counselling before the wedding?

Marriage counselling is available at R200-00 per one hour session, but it is not a prerequisite. It is always good to be prepared, but I do commit myself to be available to couples for counselling afterwards as well. I have found it better to give counselling after the wedding, when people are faced with the reality.

What if you are not available on the date of our wedding?

I am part of a network of ministers with the same frame of mind, and we can suggest one of them if I am not available. We usually work around the couple’s needs.

We do have a minister, but he/she is not licensed to do the legal part.

I can attend the ceremony and perform the legal section as part of the ceremony while the other person does the spiritual side of it.
I can perform the legal section apart from the ceremony.

Do you perform same sex marriages?

Yes I do, but only the ceremony, as i am not yet licenced to do the legal part. I have ministers in my network who are licenced and are able to assist you in this regard.

Do you provide other services?

Yes. I conduct Celebrations of Life for children of all ages as well as funerals, motivational speaking and Master of Ceremonies.

What is the cost more or less?

As soon as an Submission form is received, a quote will be submitted to the email address provided.

For bookings in 2019:
Ceremony and registration R3000.00
Travelling: R5.05 p/km